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Alanya is a beach resort city and a component district of Antalya Province in the Mediterranean Region of Turkey. It is 136 kilometers to city center. On the southern cost of Turkey, Alanya has an area of 1.598,51 km2 and (2011 Census) 248.286 inhabitants (city center 103.673). A large part of the population is composed of Turkish people. There are around 10.000 European people in the area.

Thus, Alanya is a tourism destination as important as Belek, Bodrum or Çeşme. It is one of our special holiday resorts incorporating unique natural beauties, golden beaches, active social life, and chirpy streets where you can have joyful times outside the touristic facilities. Alanya is literally an earth paradise that is readily able to address domestic and foreign tourists. 

Therefore Alanya is probably only tourism city to address any populations from any nations. Some guests are attracted to worldwide-known golden fine sand beaches, some to lively nightlife as in Bodrum and Çeşme, colorful life and streets, and taste stops, some to spectacular nature and historic structure. Almost anyone can find something to satisfy themselves in this earth paradise whether your are a family with children that wants to have peaceful holiday, or urban individual, or a wealthy cruise tourist of a high-income group. 

The facility is located in Avsallar town which is 20 kilometers away from Alanya city center.